Most people don’t want to go through a long, costly litigation process.

What they really want is to be heard and have a fair settlement.

About Us

Ontario Dispute Resolution Services provides mediation and other dispute resolution services to bring parties to the table before court. This can result in saving both time and money for the parties.

Services are offered through face-to-face meetings and online through video and telephone meetings.

Mediation is an option in most disputes. Even when the parties don’t have an amicable relationship, a neutral third party (the mediator) can help to identify common ground and help the parties come to an agreement or settlement. It is a voluntary process. But it is also confidential – meaning that if the parties can’t come to an agreement, all conversations and materials are kept between the parties and the mediator.

When mediation doesn’t result in a settlement, or simply is not the best ADR option, ODRS provides other non-court options for consideration.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate and Commercial Disputes

Real Estate, Renovations and Construction

Insurance and Personal injury

Technology and Intellectual Property


Estates and Trusts

Family Business Disputes




Insurance Umpire

Construction Adjudication (ODACC System)


Marcel D. Mongeon

C.Med., C.Arb., LLM, LLB, BLC, MBA, MSc, BComm

Marcel has more than 35 years of experience negotiating and mediating solutions in civil law matters. He is known for his principled, adaptive approach to the mediation and arbitration process. Marcel offers his extensive background of legal and business experience to assist in the settlement of disputes out of court. Called to the bar in Ontario in 1984, Quebec in 1985 and New York State in 1996, Marcel has developed a diverse legal portfolio. In addition to corporate and commercial legal practice, specializing in intellectual property and technology. Marcel is a Chartered Mediator and Chartered Arbitrator, member of the Canadian Academy of Distinquished Neutrals, frequent presenter on both legal and business topics and a Deputy Judge in Ontario Small Claims Court. He brings all of this and his experience in both private and public sector business, to his mediation and ADR sessions.